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We all have our ideas and our opinions. The ideas and opinions are connected with emotions, about “our” philosophy, and the “other” way of thinking. There is an illusion that there is an eternal fight, between Good and Evil, and all of us wants to be on the side of the good. We will fight the evil. We will kill the Enemy!

The whole idea of self defence is internalised in this system. The idea of always having a bigger “gun” than “the other”. It is the same with individuals and the collective: religion, political views, nationality and so on. These brands we put on ourselves is of course imaginary. But until we see that, they are more real for us than anything.

Prestefjøra in Sjøholt June 2022

The system in the world is based on the idea of fighting the evil. We can see it in social media as well, reflecting exactly the reactions of the politics of the world, as well as how we speak. If somebody we brand as one particular category does something “bad” we immediately side ourselves with the other category, judging everybody we put that brand on, polarising the world into “friends” and “enemies”, not realising that it was this very effect which caused the crime in the first place.

We might even think that it would be an evil act to not react to evil? Yes, I see the logic in that, but what action would be constructive, in this situation? Hate caused a problem, and we solve it by adding our hate, including a lot of individuals who was not part of the crime?

Even in the situation where this individual did something “evil”. How do we deal with the situation? This individual incident is reflecting the state of the world as a whole. “No! It is not! This one is EVIL!” Well, sometimes totally “normal people” act in ways which most of us would consider insane, and they are too many to be considered an anomaly. I will not get into the details now, but check out the collections of photos from my previous post. Inattention to our mind can lead us astray in disastrous ways, and it is really just a play of dice which way it will turn.

Frafjord in Norway, April 2022

So how do we deal with the problem? I have no solutions on the outer level for the immediate problem. Neither is it my field of interest (actually I don’t think it can be solved on that level, but you are welcome to try). The solutions I see are inside of ourselves.

It is not really a philosophy. It is not an idea. It is not something to be argued about back and forth, and to become another subject for separation and conflicts. Either we are interested in awareness, or we are not. There is no right way to do it, or a wrong way to do it. It is simply attention. We can use a lot of different words for it. We can get into fighting about which words are right, getting lost before we have started. There are no ideas. Nothing to defend or fight against. Either we can see our thoughts and emotions, or we will be fighting what we consider is “evil”, while what we consider “evil” is fighting us, because it considers us “evil”. Nobody wants to be the “bad guy”.

The cool part is that attention spreads. It affects everybody we meet, just as inattention does. So one “mindful” person will make a shift in the world for the better in a positive way. There will still be people without attention, but they will be fewer, and they might even have a little more attention than if they only met people reacting to their acts of inattention.

Berlin in June 2022

It is some kind of philosophy obliteration. It is the end of treasuring ideas. It is the end of War. The ideas will still be there, but nobody will be fighting over which one is better.

But what I am writing now is also an idea you might say? This is not an idea for more discussion about which idea is correct. My words will naturally be selected like this (because of my history, practice and experience), but they are not important. The word “mindfulness” is not a word I appreciate, because it is kind of counter intuitive, but I will not waste time protesting against it, as it is a known concept, and more people would understand the situation than if I use the word awareness, attention or presence, maybe? The same goes for all the words I use. The words are not important. The idea is not important. The attention (or whatever word we choose for it) is important.

However, then comes the next trap which triggers discussion: Does this have anything to do with aikido?

Prestefjøra in June 2022

Maybe it does, maybe it does not? I found this through aikido. It is one of the gates into this realm, and maybe it is one that is more accessible to great amounts of people than other things. It brings so much joy in the initial stages, when we might have no attention, and we get there without an effort?

Why this is important is self explanatory. War, violence, rape, abuse, addiction, etc. is consequences of inattention. To survive as a species beyond the two next generations we need to change. That is my opinion. That can be discussed. But it is not important. However, that is why I do it. Naturally you have the right to have your own reason for doing aikido, just as I have my reason for it.

What is aikido? I guess it is different for everybody. We all see something different in it, and we have different reasons for doing it. For a long time I had no idea why I needed to do it every day. And there was no problem. I knew what was right, but it took a long time to be able to have words for it.

Sjøholt on Midsummer Eve 2022

Aikido is a gate towards a world in peace. We may use it, if we are willing, and if we are ready for it. And the best part is that even if we are not, the gate will still be there.

Enjoy your keiko! Aikido makes people happy!