Aiki Freak

I started practising aikido in Trondheim at Tekisuikan NTNUI Aikido Club in September 2001. I had already decided to practice aikido ten years before, but being a kid in a part of the world where the nearest club was seven hours traveling distance by bus made it difficult. So when I finally had the chance to practice I dived in and submerged myself head to toe. September 2012 I moved to Stockholm to continue my journey on the aiki road.

Since then the daily keiko has been the meaning of my life. Every day there is something new and exciting. I have never had a hard day. Aikido has given me my best friends, connecting me to a huge aiki family all over the world, it brings joy and happiness into my daily life, the keiko heals me from the traumas and injuries life outside the dojo causes, and it gives me a purpose in the world.

In the past I have always been taking notes during aikido seminars and also after normal training sessions when exciting things happens. By doing so I am trying to examine some of my feelings from the keiko. I very often end up with lots of ideas for further study.

The notes are a way for me to try to structure my thoughts from the keiko. By writing it down in a readable format I need to analyze what I felt and try to put it into words. It also helps me finding a direction, by writing I am finding my own priorities and passion. Somehow the writing works like a compass on my journey.

The blog idea came from a need to make some more readable notes. If other people should be able to read it, I will be required to dig deeper in myself to find out what I want to put down on paper in a way that would be possible to read for others than myself. I am just writing things down as they come to my mind, and I try to publish the posts directly, without too much editing; trying to keep them raw and to the point of the moment. The next day I might think in a different way. I am not a writer. I am not trying to bring out any message to other people, but rather using my notes as therapy for myself, increasing my awareness of my own mind and body.

I just try as much as possible to write from my own thoughts from the keiko, but how I got those thoughts is not always clear to me. The inspiration comes from many places, but often from one person more than others. I might be lost if I should try to list all the sources of my ideas, so I simply skip it. I hope nobody feels that I have stolen somebody else’s idea. For my defense I would like to say that this blog is merely a public extension of my private notebook. Nothing else.

Enjoy your keiko! Aikido makes people happy 😉

3 thoughts on “Aiki Freak”

  1. You have a very nice blog. I am looking forward to your more recent posts! 😀

  2. Man. I read your blog almost like a book, and you know what? I would really, really, really like to talk to you and practice with you. The latter probably much more than the former. Quite a lot of your personal history seems to match my personal history, quite a lot of what you feel during practice seems to match what I feel during practice, and what you say here just sort of ‘speaks to my heart directly’. So it would just be amazing to meet on a mat somewhere, and maybe also for a beer afterwards, and, you know.


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